The Bookstart Series

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Bookstart books are really cleverly disguised cuddle opportunities.  Using real baby photos and gentle rhyme, they directly appeal to babies’ sense of imagery and rhythm, putting their life experiences into context, and helping them make sense of their world.
Some tips when reading Bookstart books:

Pick your moment – when baby is awake and ready to communicate, and at first, keep it brief and be guided by baby’s level of interest.

Avoid distractions and get comfortable – indoors or out, sitting up, lying down, you choose. And definitely turn off any of the technology competing for your attention – TV, computers, radio etc.

Hold the book close enough for easy focus, touching, and even tasting. At this stage, books (and everything else) are for experiencing holistically!

Turn the pages slowly – let baby set the pace and conversation.

Your baby loves to hear your voice – join in the pattern and rhythms of these small stories and enjoy yourself. Bounce, dance, sing, snuggle, tickle, have fun!

These books will become favourites, so store your collection of Bookstart books low down. That way, once your baby starts to crawl, they’ll be able to pick out their books themselves, for looking at and ‘reading’ at any time of the day.


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