Family Feedback

alexander-readingAlex’s favourite book: Alex was only 2 months old at the time [we received books for babies] but he was immediately drawn to the book, responding to the cadence and the pictures. He soon wanted to hold the book on his own and now will often dig through his toy box to find it and will ‘read’ it over and over again. We have many books for Alex but I have to tell you that this is most certainly his favourite. We can’t wait for the sequel!

Ali and Chris Dudenas


Our go-to book: Like most parents I have my own taste in baby books and at first glance I didn’t see the magic in this one. But as it turns out, it instantly became a favourite for my son and something I don’t mind reading over and over again! It’s our go-to book we take everywhere. He loves seeing other babies in the pictures and it is written with a simple happy tone and rhythm. The design of the book is clever and uncomplicated really showing the authors talent. I would definitely recommend it and any other titles in the series.

Rachael Quin


Watch Theodore (at 18 months) reading a draft of Baby Rap: